The reality is pretty shit let’s be honest…. I’m not usually so blunt in my blogs, but today I really feel the need.

You see when you’ve lost someone, your anxiety in relation to death and dying is heightened, not only that your emotions in general are heightened. You become more emotionally aware.

I don’t wish for anyone to die of this horrible illness, but reality is people will. I’m scared, not only for my friends and family, but for everyone.

But along with my fears comes a real anger towards stupidity. What I mean by this is those people who are still going to pubs to get drunk all day (pubs that should be closed I might add). People who go from house to house every day as normal. People who get together despite the restrictions.

These people aren’t invisible, but I fear they are suffering from ignorance.

If I could do anything, I would change their mindset, but how on earth do I do that????

I have no idea, so for now I will focus on me and mine………❤️💔💔💙


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