It’s the little things…

I sit here with the kids eating tea, and I just know I’m so lucky….

I’ve been worrying a lot lately about the everyday things in life, and can honestly say…. Stress really an take over.

So I’ve picked up my colouring book… Its amazing what one hour of just colouring and choosing your colours can do ❤️💙💔

On this day..

On this day 15 years ago I was gojng into labour… I was so scared…

What if the same thing happened again, it was another boy…

They took me towards the same room that 4 years earlier I had given birth in….

I couldnt…. We had a different room, a different story and tomorrow my big boy is 15 years of age and I couldn’t be prouder of the young man he has become 💔💙💪


Hi guys, sorry I have been a bit quiet. Not been feeling too well.

Tomorrow will be my last exam for the year….. Although saying that I have missed one due to illness, so may have to do that soon.

Anyway….. I’m proud of what I have achieved this academic year….. I have had moments where I have doubted my abilities, but I aint no quitter….

1 down 2 years to go!! 😁💔💙


When you’ve felt the pain of loss, and you’ve built yourself back to be the best you can be….

You become less tolerant of negative behaviours and hurtful actions of others and you distance yourself….

This is because your not sure you can cope with anymore hurt or pain..💙💔

I will

I will always put you first…

I will hurt for you….

I will bleed for you….

I will hold your hand…

I will fight for you….

I will love you….

I will be right behind you….

I will catch you when you fall…

I will build you right back up….

To my children who make me proud every day 💓💙💔

Being mum…

As I sit here waiting for my eldest to come from basketball, my daughter on her phone next to me….

I count my blessings, I have amazing kids, and I am lucky…. I only wish I could tell you about my biggest boy too, as I am a mum to three…. 💙💔

Remembering you…

I remember how your nain dressed you all in white, you looked so beautiful in your white babygrow and fluffy strawberry blonde hair after your bath. I remember saying you looked like an angel…

Little did I know that shortly after you would grow your wings… You will always be our little angel 💙💔😇