My mission

I have 2 missions:

The first is to show grieving parents that there is life after child loss…..please believe me. I’m 19 years into my journey but I did this through struggle pain and grief just like you, putting one step at a time. You can do this, we are in our way warriors.

The second is to normalise talking about grief. It’s good to talk, it helps us through some if our darkest days. Don’t judge people who share

their stories, instead encourage them to talk.

I gave found I have no filter, I don’t hold back at the worry of being judged. I am who I am live me or hate me 💙💔


I forgot who I was, and the thought of taking myself out of my comfort zone would scare the crap out of me…

But as time has passed and I have learnt to push myself, it would appear that I do fit in the big wide world after all.

It may not feel comfortable, but you know its right….

Live your life, talk, share and strive for the future you deserve ❤️💙💔

Magic wand?

We all wish for one right?!?

Truth is as harsh as it may be, there isn’t one.

You are in charge, there are people that can help and support you through this grief. Get yourself to the doctor’s, councillors, family and friends or ask them to come to you. Grief is funny it can make people avoid you, truth is they want to help but they don’t know how!

Stop the taboo talk it through, there’s no shame in grief, and unfortunately we all will come across it one day💙💔


There will be days when you don’t feel as strong, you will feel like your grieving process has reversed.

Truth is it hasn’t, its just a bad day, everyone gets these. Nobody goes through life without them. This doesn’t mean your healing process has stopped, its merely a glitch.

Keep fighting every day is proof of your determination and strength, hold your head up high and face all your challenges head on 💪❤️💔💙


It’s funny how people perceive things….

Someone said… “OMG their emptying the house already he hasn’t even been buried yet!”

This has nothing to do with me but, consider this….

The person grieving:

*May not know what to do with themselves

*They may feel they want to keep busy

*This may have been what the person wanted

*This may be the only time off they have so are trying to get everything done in a very short space of time

*Or maybe they just aren’t thinking anything

They definitely won’t be thinking…I wonder if people will judge if I do this now

Stop judging…. the grieving process is different for everyone and when you face grief head on I hope that nobody judges you either 💙💔

Beginning if the 2nd year

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the 2nd year, who would have though it..

Im proud of my achievements so far, and am looking forward to the challenges ahead.

I’ve had a busy summer, was successful in gaining an internship and have met some great people along the way.

Here’s to year 2……its never too late…. Be who you want to be…. Our past won’t define us❤️💙💔

Self doubt….

You will for a while blame yourself, others, someone close…. The what ifs, the if I had….if I hadn’t….

All this is your way of trying to understand what has happened, what you have faced and so much more.

The reality for many parents who has lost their child, is that we will never really know why, why ours, why now, what did we do to deserve this….

All these are true thoughts of a grieving parent, and the hardest battle when trying to understand in order to start living again…. Be patient give it time acceptance is key to your future ❤️💙💔