Your not alone….

There are people who have also gone through traumatic times just like you….There are people who are over sensitised to emotions just like you…There are people who wish they could be better just like you…..There are people who feel they are on their own just like you….Reach out join groups, society’s, attend counselling, talk to friends, family. You might be surprised to find those closest to you are also battling and need you as much as you need them ❤️💙💔

Seeing people upset…

It’s hurts to see others upset, why I hear you say..Well when you know how much things hurt you, and know what it’s like to feel rock bottom, you would do anything to take their pain away.There are people who are mean to others intentionally, and then there are those who take action and don’t think how their actions will affect others, and some are oblivious to everything….Keep talking, don’t be afraid to tell someone they hurt you, and more than anything don’t let it build into a storm. It’s easier to wipe a tear than swim through an ocean ❤️💙💔

It’s not all a bed of roses..

I’m actually sat here anxious about not having any work for 3 days this week……

Do you know why I’m anxious

It’s because I will have to be in my own company…

I will over think, be lost…..

This is one of my weaknesses, this is because I went from being in a family to being on my own when my world fell apart. I wasn’t good on my own then.

But I’ve changed I’ve grown and I’m me, the new me… So I’m going to embrace, enjoy and keep myself busy 👌💙💔


Today was the last day of the internship…. I’ve always been scared of change, more so after loosing my boy which was the biggest change I have ever faced.

But now and again it’s good to push yourself to try new things…. I made a change, gave up my work where I was comfortable to do my degree and start a new chapter.

The saying goes…..

As one door closes another one opens

Well it did for me, go for it!!!!!

New term….

So in 2 weeks I start my 2nd year at uni. Who would have thought that I could turn my life around.

I lost myself, but I have embraced the new me, slightly damaged, but striving to be the best I can be….

Don’t let grief define you, live life, have no regrets…. And make them proud ❤️💙💔

School term starts…

If your a parent who has experienced the loss of a child, your emotions will be in tatters this week….

To be honest all parents are feeling it this week, so your not being irrational.

It is hard handing the responsibility of your child to a childminder, nursery, school or even into the big wide world.

You can’t avoid it, you have done all you can, it’s now time for them to discover for themselves, yes there are risks, but the risks are there when they are with you too.

Give them a big hug and kiss and wish them good luck….. And enjoy those moments when they come back to you squeeze you harder than usual and tell you they missed you 💙💔

With this I share a pick of my two 6 years ago 😂


There are differing versions of love….really I hear you say!?

Yes, there is the love you give to friends, love you have for family, the unconditional love you get from your children and the love you have for material things or places..

As a grieving parent I longed to be loved, but was too blind to see all the love around me. This could have been people asking how I was, giving me a sympathetic look, avoiding me, or even saying the total wrong thing.

They did those things because they loved me…. If you are experiencing grief just take a moment now and again to absorb the love of those that are around you helping in their own little way showing you that they love you, because at times what you need is right there, but you don’t always recognise it. 💙💔