This thing is real….

But more than that is the feelings I have in relation to it all.

I am stressed beyond belief, not only do I have to continue with my studies at home, but I have to continue working, volunteering, home schooling, cooking and housekeeping, be a mum and Foster mum, all of which I don’t mind but know its going to be a struggle.

My emotions are heightened, I don’t want to lose anyone else in my life. I’ve lost so much, my son, my dad, aunties, uncles, grandad, best friend. Now more than ever I want everyone to remain safe and healthy, so I’m willing to lose my freedom.

But I have a dilemma, you see my big kids want to go about with their business as usual, go see their dad, visit their grandparents. Do I let them? What if they got ill as a result of these visits, what if, what if what if…….

It’s a crazy world out there at the moment, I’m going to take it day by day. And hope and pray that we see you at the other end of this scary time ❤️💕💔💙


2 thoughts on “Pandemic

  1. There is a fear that protects us and that kind of fear is healthy. There is a fear that paralyzes us and makes it hard to live. That kind of fear can be faced and overcome.


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