Had a bit of a blip this evening…. Well that’s what I call them…

I went for a drive cleared my head cried a lot and then came home and straight back to doing what I do best being mum.

Right let’s enjoy the rest of the weekend 😁💙💔


This time of year is difficult for me as 10 March till 22 April was the 6 weeks where my baby boy was alive….

These 6 weeks every year, is like having a cloud above you and something pressing on your heart…

I relive everything….

But all this aside…. I’m one lucky lady with a lovely family, and looking forward to a lovely weekend with family and friends 💙💔

End of an era

Tomorrow marks a big change in my life….

It doesn’t scare me nor does it make me feel sad…. Its just another fresh start.

It’s good to push yourself out of your comfort zone sometimes. It wakes up many emotions, and pushes you to think differently and develop further.

Here’s to the future 💙💔

This isn’t the path I chose..

We don’t chose our life yes we make decisions along the way… But we deal with the life we are given.

Im not sure given the chance I would change anything, obviously one thing (losing my boy).

But all my experiences have made me who I am, and has given me what I have…

In reality I’m one lucky lady, I have a family who are there for me and we have love and laughter don’t underestimate the power of love 💙💔

I’m tired…

It’s exhausting worrying about everything…You see sometimes something happens and that’s it your mind goes into overdrive.. You think all sorts… the most horrible things cross my mind.

More tiring still is controlling those feelings, cause I know that it’s my experience of waking up to my son having passed away, that have made me think like this. Acceptance of my thoughts is key to learning to live again. 💙💔

Not happy..

Went to my son’s grave today only to find everything had been piled up on the headstone…

Then dried grass piled on top of everything…. It looked awful.

I know they have a job to do, but is making such a mess necessary.

I scrubbed and cleared until everything was in its rightful place, his little headstone is clear again and looking nice 💙💔