20 years on….

This week it was the anniversary of my little boys death, 20 years since he gained his angel wings. It was a difficult day, and found myself going to the cemetery 8pm. I needed to tidy up his headstone and give him some flowers. 20 years in I miss my boy and the man that he would have become, its the little things…like when we sit at the table I always feel there’s something missing, birthdays and christmas the gifts aren’t enough.
I have accepted that he has gone and that was key to carrying on. I had ups and downs like everyone else. There were days when I didn’t want yo do anything… So I didn’t.
20 years into my journey having lost my first child, I have 2 beautiful children, I’m a Foster mum just turned guardian. A student, work part time, and volunteer for Cruse.
I am proud of who I am today……
My message to you all is grief is a process there is no time limit, nor right or wrong. Do what makes you happy or feels right… 👼💜💔
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