I can’t stress to you the importance of acceptance. You can’t greive until you accept, you can’t process without accepting, you can’t begin without acceptance of a closure.

No matter what your going through, whether it be a loss, significant change in your life, anything really….. The key to new beginnings and the journey to continuing in your life that has changed considerably is acceptance.

I accept that we lost our boy…. Doesn’t mean I got over it, as I never will, but I accept it.

I accept that I will never be the person I was before I lost him, but I will embrace the new slightly broken me.

I will accept that I feel deeper, worry more and lack confidence, I haven’t had a lifetime to get to know myself but rather 20 years is what I’ve had, and 4-5 of those I would rather forget, but a lot of it I can’t remember.

I accept that I suffered with depression for years, acceptance means I can also accept that I’m now in a much better place💙💔


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