Bereavement leave for parents

Today I was invited to speak on radio Wales, to express my opinion on the proposed changes. A week or two just isn’t enough is it really…. or is it? Truth is everyone grieves differently, there is no time limit, you do what you can do as you feel appropriate… Don’t let any written rule, push you to do what you think you must, only you know when your ready……


2 thoughts on “Bereavement leave for parents

  1. I went back to work one week after my wife died to keep from going crazy. It has been 6 years now. But the first three years were absolutely the worst. No amount of leave would have made a dent in my time of grief. I live in the US.


    1. I agree, like I said in the interview it changes you as a person and everyone is different and will go through the grieving process at their own pace x


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