Exams have been this week, and I ain’t going lie it was a struggle…

I’ve been struggling since Christmas really, you see there is this thing…. Expectation…..

I hate expectations, I hate what it does, I should just be OK now right? … I know its been nearly 20 years since you grew your wings…. But you should be here with me. I want to see you grow, learn, achieve, love, have your own family…..

Instead I wonder……. Because that’s all I can do. I’m stronger now than I’ve ever been, but still it’s a battle….. I am your mum, and I will live the best life I can for you. 💔💙


4 thoughts on “Exams….

  1. Sorry but I just noticed this. Your title says Life After LOOSING A Child. The word should be “losing”, right? And it should be “You’re not alone”. Your not alone is wrong. There is a big difference between your and you’re. Your is possessive while you’re is short for you are.


    1. Thanks…. I’m Welsh first language so don’t always get it right. Im not sure it really matters as your the first person to ever comment on my grammar and not the context, but thankyou for your kind advice🙂


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