The start of a new year…

So it’s the beginning of another year another decade…. 2020. I will face this year head on just as I have done in the past.

2019 saw me complete my first year in uni and start my second year, I got more engaged with extra curricular activities including being a student rep, and a member of enactus. I completed my cruse bereavement training ready to support people in the new year. I left the NHS after many years and started working in the university.

I saw my beautiful children develop and grow and made precious memories. We finally completed the bedroom renovations after buying the house, we now officially have a 4 bedroom house. We completed part of the garden that is a very special safe space.

The year ahead I hope to complete the renovations on the ground floor of the house. Successfully complete my 2nd year in uni, secure a permanent part time job, continue to volunteer with cruse and scouts.

But most of all I hope to get to the end of 2020 happy and healthy, and I wish the same for all my family and friends ❤️💙🙏


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