5 things you like about yourself…..

I’m on a night out in Liverpool with friends and this question came up….

What 5 things do you like about yourself:

  • My eyes
  • My small waist (despite having a big arse)
  • My tiny feet
  • My inner strength
  • My good heart

Now if this had been asked a while ago I’m sure my answers would have been different, or maybe I wouldn’t find a single thing to say…

I’m not perfect but I am who I am…

Whats your 5 things…..

Life after child loss, it goes on, slightly different and not as planned… But it goes on… Learn to live yourself again x💙💔


3 thoughts on “5 things you like about yourself…..

      1. Ok, I’ll take it…supportive…maybe another one…compassionate. Hugs


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