Is it depression…..

Does the fact that you cried day in day out, for weeks, months, years, mean you are depressed….

I’m not sure…. I think it was the biggest loss I ever faced…. Surely the fact that I cried so much showed I was going through the natural grieving process.

But on many occasion I was given anti depressants….. But all I needed was for someone to say what I was feeling, was totally normal…part of the trauma of loosing my one and only son at the time.

Don’t be too hasty to take the pills, crying is normal, you need to grieve…. and run through the emotions 💙💔


2 thoughts on “Is it depression…..

  1. Greif is something we experience and it is something we must go through. But grief is not a permanent place to live. If you feel stuck in the trauma of your loss it may help to talk to a grief counselor. We never forget, but we do move on after someone we love dies.


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