Back to routine……

So it was back to routine today…back to work. It helps me as it gives me something else to think about.

My daughter had so go to see the doctor today, cause of an old injury that was still bothering her….why can’t I think like a rational person it’s probably nothing but my mind wonders.

I think the worst possible outcome….I can’t help it…it’s who I am…but as time has passed I have been able to recognise that I am thinking irrationally.

I have been guilty of clogging up the emergency department, or wasting the GP’s time, and may have been referred to as being a PP (paranoid parent).

But I ask you this….who wouldn’t react like this having experienced the worst thing possible…. loosing my own child. 💙💙💙💙


3 thoughts on “Back to routine……

  1. I think to myself the unimaginable has happened to me, what’s stopping it happening again.
    I have to know where my 2 girls are all the time. Both are grown up and Hannah has a daughter, yet I’m petrified for them.
    The day we lost Ali, started out as any normal day, then the knock in the door, 2 army personal telling me my son wasn’t coming home ever again.
    So yes you, me have every right to be a paranoid parent xx


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