It’s been a while

Hi everyone, so its been a while.

Life has thrown a few swings and roundabouts my way, work, volunteering and studies have taken over.

I’m continuing on a journey that isnt that easy if I’m honest, the hardest part is now having to prioritise and take some difficult decisions about stopping doing some of the things I love. But there is only me and I can’t continue to do everything without additional support.

My emotions have been all over the shop, since the menopause came knocking, making it hard to focus and remember. I thought baby brain was bad !!

The kids are doing well and growing up far too quick, the eldest is now an adult! Cant believe it if I’m honest.

I still can’t quite believe how lucky I am to have my 2 children after such a traumatic journey to motherhood. Then to become a guardian to a 3rd, who has taught me a lot about myself, and having to parent in a totally different way. Every days a challenge but I wouldn’t change a thing.

My graduation us finally happening next week a year later than planned, but I’m glad even if it’s a pain finding a dress. I worked hard so only right to celebrate it in style.

My tip of the day……….. expect nothing, savour everything, breathe, stop and listen. Speak out if you need to be heard….there is always someone out there who will listen.


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