Relationship can be hard for someone who has faced a trauma, such as child loss.

Mainly due to the protective cover you place around yourself, as you just can’t face any more hurt. But also due to the fact that you know nothing else could be as bad as that experience.

I live my life trying to be the best I can be, and will do anything to make my family happy. I will give without thought, help where need and support anyone who needs it.

Over the last month I have faced a relationship breakdown, it’s been a hard time, but it won’t break me, after all nothing can be as bad as what I have already faced.

But I refuse not to open my heart again, I, just like every other person in the world deserve happiness. There’s nothing harder than being vulnerable and allowing yourself to be available, but without that you will never find real love.

Don’t place your life on hold, life is far to short, bugger judgement. Be you, be bold and be beautiful. Those who gossip about you, are not your true friends. There will never be a right time so don’t be waiting for it.


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