I dont have the answers….

You may think I have all the answers you need, but I don’t. No child loss is ever the same or similar. Not even those who have died in similar circumstance are the same or similar.

It comes down to so many differing factors, the circumstances, feelings, strength, network, ability, experiences and so much more.

I only know my story, and I will not ever compare my story to anyone else’s because they aren’t the same as me.

The only advice I ever give anyone is to never feel pressured into doing things they may not want, as this is where regrets are planted.

To only do things when it feels right, same reason to have no regrets.

Thirdly and most importantly this is your grief journey, nobody else’s but don’t do it alone, share your feelings if not with family and friends, do it with a support service. Sometimes the journey is too hard alone šŸ’”šŸ’™


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