I’m not perfect

I still have things that are holding me back in life.

I over react, I find it difficult to rationalise things, but these I know are a direct result of the trauma I have faced in my life. So instead I regularly have to take time out to think and put things in perspective.

One thing that is really bugging me at the moment is that I cry, whenever I am in a 1-1meeting or at the doctors and the focus is on me.

I really wish I didn’t do this….. I feel it gives people the wrong impression of who I am. At the doctors it’s always been, maybe you need anti depressants to take the edge off!!… No I don’t, I don’t even know why I’m crying.

So my focus now is to try and resolve this……. Wish me luck, I’m going on a journey🤞😊❤️💙💔


3 thoughts on “I’m not perfect

  1. My wife took anti depressants for a while. It seemed to level out her emotional roller coaster. And once she stopped taking the meds she never reverted back to her old ways. You may want to talk to your doctor about it if this becomes a stumbling block to you.


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