He’s almost 16…….

So as my son is soon turning 16 in a couple of weeks I thought I would share with you how things were back then…..

4 years after losing my first son….. I found I was pregnant. Those four years were the most difficult of my life, I was lost, I put myself in harms way, I cried, I screamed, I shouted…..

Then I stumbled across the man that was going to change everything, he knew I needed looking after, and he did just that….. I became pregnant soon after.

I went into labour, it was so scary, the 9 months of pregnancy had been a constant worry…. They led me towards the room I gave birth to my first son……. I said please no….. They swiftly turned me around and took me to another room.

You were born perfect, the best behaved baby ever…… You bought sunshine to my life again…. I had so many sleepless nights worrying I would lose you too, and would check on you all the time.

Days, went to weeks to years and to this day you still bring sunshine into my life, your a teenager so you still make me scream a shout, but you’re worth it. But most of all to this day I still check on you in the night and worry about you. But I would not change you for the world. I’m so proud of you ❤️😊🌍


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