It takes time….

It takes me time to adjust every day…. Not because of anything specific but because I once lost myself, and to be comfortable I need time to adjust to my surroundings.

People have had years to accept who they are, and I know we all have hangups, but 19 years ago I became a whole new imperfect person .

I can honestly say I had at least 5-6years where I just scraped by just about managing to function.

By today I have embraced the new me, imperfect, broken, sensitive, lost sole….. If there was a name for someone who has lost a child it would incorporate all these things… 💓💙💔😔


2 thoughts on “It takes time….

    1. Hi Steve,
      No not married my son’s partner and I split following the death of our son. I then got married had two children’s dad, but we sadly split about 5 years ago.


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