After everything is done…

Between the the loss and the funeral… You see so many people….. More than you could ever think about…. Its like a overwhelming tsunami of people… I don’t mean any offence in what I’m saying as I know these are all people who care….

But then the funeral passes and normal service resumes….. you would do anything to get that tsunami back….

You think to yourself, where is everyone?

How can they just go back to work and carry on with their lives..

It’s because its the norm, this is life continuing….. It doesn’t mean they have forgotten about you… It just means they have responsibilities to and a family to keep…

But I ask this should we be limited to a number of days when grieving 3-5days for a loss of a family member?

I know you can go to the doctors and get time off….. but why in the worst time of our life should we have to worry about such matters….

Grieving takes time…. Its different for everyone ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’”


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