The one thing……

What is one thing you would change about yourself?

The one thing about myself that I would change is the way I think. Believe me it isn’t how I want to think, and its not like I haven’t tried to change it…..

Imagine going about your daily life just like everyone else, but you over notice or over analyse everything.

You see someone struggle you want to help…

You see someone fall… Omg they are going to die?

You see someone sleeping…. Omg are they breathing?

You get angry when you feel people are not listening too your concerns, or you think they aren’t putting enough thought into their actions….

You see for them it’s an easy thing to put themselves first, to go and do what they want without a thought. For me…. Its can I, what if, how, no I can’t,. Might need to do something else, can’t be selfish people need me…..

Im exhausted from thinking, I’m exhausted living this daily battle with my mind rationalising every single thought, feeling, action.

Am I normal, God damn it yes I am!

Am I crazy? No I’m not, because I know why I do what I do, and know how to talk myself out of the overthinking.

What is crazy is the perception of those who just don’t understand, and lucky for them they never will 🤔