Covid 19 and my family ❤️

My anxiety has been uncontrollable over the last few weeks. I appreciate the simpler things in life and have been cautious since the pandemic began. The only real difference was working and studying from home and no outing on the weekend.

I was always extremely anxious about the pandemic, and got upset at the people who just didn’t care and carried on regardless.

But then my world came crashing in when 2 from our household tested positive. I can’t tell you the anxiety I have felt. But as we come to the end of the isolation period not fully recovered, and some way to go. I am thankful we have got through it.

You see its really hard to rationalise when you have come close to or have lost someone dear to you. I have had so many nightmares these last 2 weeks reliving the tragic loss I faced nearly 21 years ago. And worryk g it would happen again.

Please be careful, stay home, stay safe. My heart goes out to everyone who has lost someone during this pandemic. We are lucky and I appreciate everyone who has supported us, sent messages over the last few weeks. ❤️


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